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Name:Cascalimë Estelind

Born in VY 1136 in Tirion as Cascalimë Estelindë, daughter of Alairë Vorannë of the Vanyar and Ortaquin Laurendil of the Noldor, has an older sister, Vorelondë Ainalissë. Nestalinde was the only member of her family to go into exile.

Wanted to become a dancer, but found her true talent in healing. Studied under Estë mostly from a feeling of obligation to her mother and her mother-name, soon put work before most other things. Dissolved the engagement with her fiancé Alassardo upon entering Finwe's service and being made Master Healer, since he wanted a wife to stay at home and mind the family, a sacrifice she was not ready to make. Was midwife to Míriel but failed to save her life, bitterly blamed herself for it, and though remaining loyal to Finwe and helping deliver most of the offspring the House of Finwe, joined Feanor's household. Became Nerdanel's best friend and found a substitute family there, especially among the younger sons, and eventually departed from Aman with them after giving Nerdanel her oath to keep them safe, although privately doubting that she would be able to keep it against the Prophecy of the North, and finding herself confirmed in the events that unfolded. Is doing her best to stay a mother figure to them.

Abstained from hunting and killing from early on, very skilled in herblore, less so in language, causing a somewhat haphazardly (if intentionally different) sindarinized name. Prefers Quenya and when made to speak Sindarin has a very noticable accent and shaky grasp on grammar. Can fight to defend herself without killing, using a technique that employs pressure points on her adverary's body. Stood by the kinslayings and was traumatised by Doriath more than by Alqualondë due to losing three of her charges at once. Was initially distrustful of their return but has come to trust them again - in particular Curufin, to whom she lately had closer encounters than she would usually allow herself with anyone.

Nestalinde also is the head of a small team:

Cuinallo, healer and first in command, has known Nestalinde and worked with her since Valinor, younger by almost a century
Bronwen, recently freed from Angband and a healer in her own right, but was made apprentice to Nestalinde and Cuinallo to gain confindence and familiarize herself with elven healing methods
Inuthind (Q Inyasindë), healer and scribe, formerly apprenticed to Nestalinde in Valinor, was among the healers who cared for Maedhros after his rescue and was given leave to stay with the Fingolfinians as Master Healer, only recently rejoined the team at the Havens and acknowledged Nestalinde's seniority
Tinnugwil, healer, a Sinda
Tatharim, healer from Mithrim and formerly tutor of Maglor's wife Lasbaneth
Vercatauro, herbalist and apothecary, solitary and grumpy as a badger and best left alone, according to some. Is commonly assumed to have an unrequited crush on Inuthind
Wendanna, nurse and midwife

With exception of Bronwen and Cuinallo who have become recurring minor characters, these people are NPCs commonly played via [info]aman_elves or [info]gondolin_elves.

Nestalinde is an OC for [info]gondolinrpg and is played by [info]ladyelleth. A note from the mun: The name Nestalinde originated in [info]jael_beruthiel's lovely fanfiction, where the original Nestalinde is a lady healer in Thranduil's court - but this is where similarities end. They are not intended to be the same person, nor was it my intention to plagiarise Jael (as I hope is apparent from the biography above).

The gorgeous layout was made by [community profile] visualwit. Thank you! :)
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